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Bit Forex structured its corporation in the British Virgin Islands in 2016 and moved it to the Dubai Financial Centre in 2018. Formed by several fund managers with decades of combined experience in managing venture capital companies and private funds worldwide. With the expertise in the related field they realise that there is an opportunity in making hedge fund market accessible to a wider market group, the founders employ Bit Forex Advisors in 2017 from each of their respective countries as their associates. The company also set up Bit Forex Advisors in anticipation of getting licenses to operate as a fund manager throughout the world.
People Global
People Global
Bit Forex safeguards your funds safe and protected in the market by utilising real trading skills, employing the insurance of derivatives to place hedges on large trades. Bit Forex Advisors conduct critical research and analysis producing utmost important results for its member clients. Bit Forex, we help people make the difference.


Bit Forex envisions itself to be one of the Top 10 global crypto currency hedge fund company, spanning offices and customers worldwide.


Developing a platform that enables users to participate in a global movement to go into cashless society in a digital economy by enabling easier entrance to hedge fund markets, circumventing traditional hurdles and limitations.
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