Disclaimer & Legal Notice

  1. The information provided in this document does not imply contractual obligations. Its purpose is to provide vital information to potential Bit Forex members, which will enable them to decide the further acquaintance with the offers of packages to their possible acquisition.
  2. No sections of this prospectus can be defined as a scheme of emission or investment offer of any kind. This original Bit Forex offer is not an offer to sell or buy securities of any jurisdiction.
  3. This document is prepared without regard to any legislative or regulatory acts of jurisdiction designed to protect investors and are not regulated by those.
  4. Some of the statements, calculations, and financial indicators in this prospectus are projected preliminary information. They can be based on known and unknown risk factors and uncertainties, as a result of which actual circumstances and results may differ significantly from the following calculations and results, directly or indirectly provided for such preliminary forecasts.
  5. Your participation in the purchasing of crypto currency is solely on a voluntary basis. The Bit Forex is a new type of crypto currency hedge funds manager, with shorter lock-up period and enables small initial contributions. Traditional hedge funds withdrawal happens quarterly or bi-annually but Bit Forex enables daily and monthly withdrawal. To be able to participate in it, you must agree to Bit Forex terms and condition. And please read them carefully before enrolling in the prospectus, make sure that you understand the requirements and risks described here.
  6. Also, your assurance and guarantees that you provide the acceptance of the terms and conditions in the voluntary crypto currency purchases are essential for participating in the crypto currency purchases, and we rely on them as being truthful. If you can’t provide any of the above warranties, please do not participate in the crypto currency purchase of Bit Forex.

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