Frequently Asked Questions

Bit Forex open its door to retail investors, private investors and businesses through attractive investment packages.

Bit Forex opens 5 investment packages. The minimum investment starts as low as US$100.00 up to US$10,000.00.

Hedge funds fee structures vary, dependent on jurisdiction, domicile and, most importantly, investor base. The most common fee structure is the standard “1 and 20”: a 1% management fee (% of assets) and 20% performance fee (% of profits), annually (Normally the management fee is collected in .25% quarterly trenches, in advance, and the performance fee is calculated annually). For Bit Forex, our fees are incurred in our investment packages so there will be no extra or hidden charges / fees for all of our investors.

This is the time period that you must hold your assets (“lock-up” your money) within a fund before they can be removed.

We designed our funds lock-up period with daily withdrawal at a certain daily percentage cap.

Bit Forex only accept Bitcoin (BTC) as the only currency for deposits and withdrawals. Each investor will have their own designated Bitcoin Wallet in their system dashboard.

Yes. Investors will receive affiliate or referral bonus of certain percentage according to the investment plan given.

We are based in Dubai International Financial Centre with several South East Asia countries.

Investors are welcomed to join our Telegram chat group for direct communication with company representatives at.

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