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Bit Forex diversifies its funds into three major market segments and industries mainly – Highly Leveraged Derivative Trades, Peer to Peer (P2P) Business Loans, Online Casinos.

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Highly Leveraged Derivative Trades

Bit Forex makes investment in digital currencies simple and profitable, by doing all the research and chart analysis, execute the trades, and share the returns with investors. Once you invest, there is essentially no work you need to do. Most trades are being done in highly leveraged trading platform such as BitMex, BitFinex and OkEx among others.

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P2P Business Loans

Bit Forex provides short term P2P crypto loan to businesses with high interests. Using investors’ funds, the loan is being backed and secured on the borrower’s crypto-collateral (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptoassets). During the loan term, the crypto-collateral will be stored in the safely in Bit Forex’s Cold Storage Vault. Gains and profits from the loans will be shared among investors globally.

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